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Pregnaclinic is an Online Blood Testing Service that is specialised in providing the UK general public with accurate and reliable home to laboratory testing kits to assess your health and support you and your family at every stage of your pregnancy journey, from your decision to have a baby, or wanting to know if you are pregnant at the earliest possible time and accurately by how many weeks using our blood pregnancy test, right throughout your pregnancy. We are not a walk in Clinic. Our selective home testing service aims to support you in every step of your pregnancy and to ensure you give your baby the best start in life. Our ethos is to provide a homes testing service that enables you to access beneficial tests from the comfort of your home.
These tests are run by our highly reputable, CQC registered and UKAS accredited laboratory, that is also used by the NHS GP’s and hospitals ensuring these tests are reliable and of excellent standard.

To protect yourself and your family during this covid-19 panademic we made available selectively sourced PPE. Our products include hand-made face-masks made of breathable cotton blend to ensure optimal comfort while wearing and protection. These face-masks come in stylish patterns and colours. We also are providing hand sanitisers available which are British-made and of premium quality.

Health check up is important to ensure you have sufficient blood levels of mineral and vitamins when trying for a baby or having issues conceiving.

Offering a fertility blood test to assess the levels of your key hormones is important in maintaining your fertility. This is usually the first test that needs to be done if you are finding it difficult to conceive and suspect that you may be infertile.

Current pregnancy test on market can determine if you pregnant from 2 weeks after conception.

In just 7 days, PregnaClinic can determine if your pregnant using our more sensitive and accurate blood pregnancy test, discreetly from the comfort of your home.

Unlike home pregnancy tests, Pregnaclinic blood testing service can accurately measure the levels of pregnancy hormones HCG and progesterone in your blood. This is useful to determine the health of your pregnancy, to detect any signs of a possible miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or any other issues with your pregnancy. There is no waiting list like the NHS. Have a concern about your pregnancy or just want to put your mind at ease, simply order now the test you require and get your results within 48hrs.

PregnaClinic can check whether you have sufficient levels of these important nutrients and guide you to whether you need to boost your levels of any of the nutrients for a successful pregnancy and to give your baby the best start in life.

Sexual Health is important to maintain and regular checking will ensure you, your partner and unborn child remain safe from complications related to sexual transmitted disease

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