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Midwife Home visit service

During COVID-19 pandemic expectant and new parents are struggling to get the information and support they need. This is largely due to fear and reluctancy for expectant mothers to attend their vital appointments or contact NHS for fear of contracting COVID-19 or placing more pressure on the NHS.

It is important for pregnant women to seek medical advice if they have symptoms like changes in their baby’s movements, severe pain or heavy bleeding.

We are providing a private midwife home visit service to expectant mothers and new mothers, particularly those who have to shield. A fully qualified midwife will attend your home and assist with what concerns you have surrounding you and your baby.

During this visit they will be able to assist expectant mothers to check mother’s heart rate and blood pressure, the baby’s heart beat ,baby’s position, assist in any worries you have and advise on the next steps if needed to take

New mothers can book an appointment with one of our qualified midwives for advice and assistance post pregnancy on breast feeding, postnatal bleeding and other concerns regarding yourself or your baby.

Our midwives are all highly qualified and here to help you. They will adhere to covid-19 PPE regulations and will be mindful of the protocol they take to assess you and your baby to ensure your shielded from COVID-19 in the most effective and optimal way.

Single booking appt fee is £290 and will include the midwife attending your home for 40 min visit, carrying out any necessary checks and address what concerns you may have. The midwife will advise you if any further actions are needed to be taken including a visit to gynaecology emergency department if required. A full midwife report will be sent to yourself via a secure email address by the midwife who attended within 2 working days following the home visit.

To Book and Enquire on the availability of a qualified midwife in your postcode please email us at and will get back to you within 24hrs.