Calcium health check

Requires: Small blood sample needed for this test.

Requires: Small blood sample needed for this test.


Product Description

When you’re pregnant, calcium is vital for your developing baby needs calcium to build strong bones and teeth. Calcium also important for your baby?s heart to grow strong and healthy, for your baby?s nerves, and muscles as well as for them to develop a normal heart rhythm and blood-clotting abilities.

For the pregnant mum. Calcium can reduce your risk of hypertension and preeclampsia. And if you don’t get enough calcium in your diet when you’re pregnant, your baby will draw it from your bones and teeth, which may impair your own health later on.

Who is this for & Importance

It is important to make sure your blood calcium level are sufficient to make sure your baby grows string and healthy and for you to maintain a healthy during your pregnancy and also post pregnancy.

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