Thomas Endotracheal Tube Holders Adult



Product Description

Never worry about tape fastening again! The Laerdal Thomas ET Tube Holder is the only tube holder with a quick-set screw for a secure hold after tube placement. Not only does the Thomas Tube Holder accommodate Combitubes and LMAs, its special bite block feature protects the patient and the tube. No wonder it is one of the most effective tube holders on the market today!

Eliminates the need for cumbersome taping
Accommodates multiple-size ET tubes as well as Combitubes and LMAs
Bite block protects patient’s teeth and gums while keeping the tube open
BVM does not need to be removed to attach the Thomas ET Tube Holder
Allows for in-use suctioning of the oropharynx
Comes in adult (blue) and pediatric (pink) sizes
Disposable – one-time use

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