Chlamydia Swab test( for male or female)

Requires: A vaginal (female) or penis (male) swab is needed for the test.

Requires: A vaginal (female) or penis (male) swab is needed for the test.



Product Description

Chlamydia is a curable bacterial infection that can be transmitted through unprotected sex with an infected person.

Women who have chlamydia during pregnancy have higher rates of infection of the amniotic sac and fluid, are at a greater risk having a preterm birth, and?preterm premature rupture of the membranes (PPROM) and possible a higher risk of miscarriage.

Early detection and prompt treatment can reduce the risk of these problems. An untreated chlamydia infection also makes you more susceptible to?HIV?and some other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) if you’re exposed to them. It also raises your risk of a uterine infection after you have your baby.

If you have a chlamydia infection when you go into labour, you can possibly pass the bacteria to your baby. In fact, up to half of babies born vaginally to mothers with untreated chlamydia (and even some babies born by c-section) will contract the infection.

Between 25 to 50 percent of these babies will develop an eye infection (conjunctivitis) a few days to a few weeks after birth. And 5 to 30 percent of babies who contract chlamydia during delivery develop pneumonia a few weeks to several months after birth.

Who is this for & When to take it

Before planning for a baby it is important that both the man and woman take a chlamydia test. Also this test is important for expecting mothers, throughout their pregnancy if they suspect becoming infected. At the point they suspect they may have become infected, it is recommended to take this test one week after when you suspected you contracted the infection. If the test is negative, it is recommend you re-test after 10 days.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround Time: 3-4 days

Turnaround Time express: 2-3 day

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