Hepatitis C Test

Requires: A small blood sample is needed for the test.

Requires: A small blood sample is needed for the test.



Product Description

Hepatitis is a name for swelling (inflammation) of the liver. There are different types, and hepatitis C is caused by a virus.

You can catch the virus by coming into contact with the blood or body fluids of an infected person, such as exposure to transfusions, contaminated needles, or injected drug use.

The only way to know for sure if you have hepatitis C is to have a blood test. This test is not routinely offered to all pregnant women, PregnaClinic will provide this test from the comfort of your home and can be used to test throughout your pregnancy

Most women become pregnant during the years between 20 and 40, which is also the age group in which the incidence of hepatitis C infection is rising most quickly. The risk factors for hepatitis C should be screened for hepatitis C before and during pregnancy.

Babies born to mums who have hepatitis C may be more likely to be?born prematurely?or have a?low birth weight?.

If you are pregnant and have hepatitis C, you may be more likely to develop?gestational diabetes.
It’s unlikely that you’ll pass hepatitis C on to your baby, either while she’s in your uterus or while you’re?giving birth. The chances of your baby catching hepatitis C from you are only about one in 20.

There’s more of a chance of your baby catching hepatitis C if you have high levels of the virus, or if you also have?HIV.

There is?no?preventive treatment at this time that can influence the rate of transmission of the virus from mother to infant.

A pregnant woman with hepatitis will need to be followed by a specialist who

Who is this for & When to take it

One test should be taken at the beginning before trying for baby or if pregnant at the earliest time and throughout the pregnancy if needed.

If you suspect exposure to Hepatitis C,? first test 6 weeks after the suspected exposure and if result is negative again at 3 months

Turnaround Time

Turnaround Time: 2 days

Turnaround Time express: same day

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